The Client:

Perform 365 are the UK’s leading and largest providers of toy capsule vending.  They provide and service over 3500 machines around the UK and their range includes Toy Podz, Prize Every Time Cranes, Amusement, Novelty and Confectionary.  The company was formed in September 2007 and they pride themselves on offering a no hassle vending solution.

Based in Tamworth, P365 have their own in house servicing teams that travel around the country servicing and looking after all of the sites.


SFRC started working with P365 in 2014 and continues to work with P365.

Being the only external company, SFRC focuses on finding new sites for Perform 365 vending machines.

SFRC has successfully secured over 100 new sites for Perform 365 in various locations.  Locations such as garden centres, mill operations, destination sites, farm shops and themed parks.

What We Did:

Initially SFRC was retained to focus on the garden centre sector, contacting both independent locations as well as the groups.  Assisting with the development of P365 marketing brochure, and specific presentations for national retailers.  SFRC role is to target new locations, and to secure unused space for Perform 365 Toy Podz.


  • Incremental sales from unwanted space
  • Covers Companies Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • The largest collection of best-selling licenced machines and products including Disney & Science museum
  • No financial outlay
  • No Power required
  • No staff operational procedures, perform 365 manage the whole process!


“Gary Cantelo, Operations Director”


We started working with SFRC in 2014 and they have been very successful finding over 100 sites during this time.

SFRC have always been extremely professional in terms of communication and finding new sites.

We continue to have a very close relationship with SFRC to this day and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.