Retail Letting Services

Retail locations can weatherproof their business by adding complimentary retail brands to their existing customer offer.

To draw new customers to their retail location and create an all-year-round shopping experience.

SFRC experience has led Sue and her team to provide solutions for many different retail locations including garden centres, farm shops, mill operations, furniture stores and service stations.

SFRC can provide the following services:

  • Site survey to identify areas to let and identify complimentary retail brands
  • Review opportunities and recommend the best concession retailer or solution for the space
  • Advise on locations for retailers and specific occupational requirements
  • First point of contact for all enquiries
  • To Let Board signage
  • Target prospective retail brands that meet the retailer locations requirements
  • Arrange the site visits between the retail location and brand
  • Attend site visits/ meetings to assist with the negotiation
  • Hand hold the negotiation from securing space through to installation
  • Create an estate management matrix
  • Renegotiations and Terminations

Benefits to Locations:

  • New customers, increased footfall
  • Guaranteed rent vs. potential sales
  • New product range to offer to their customer
  • Concession click and collect increases customer footfall
  • No upfront investment, the stock is provided free of charge!

The placement of concession partners has transformed farm shops, garden centres and out-of-town locations.