Red Barn is the company behind many leading retailers’ ranges of wild bird foods. They can create any label design you wish and with their flexible production process can deliver cost effective own label across their entire range without any impact upon our high levels of service.

Providing bestselling products, they provide entire retail solutions. Personalised, pre-priced labelling, contemporary and traditional style display units, banners, backdrops, full fit outs.

All their products can be personalised with your own business name and black and white logo at no additional cost. This adds character and is a constant reminder to your customers of where they purchased the product. Their pre-pricing saves your staff hours of time and ensures simple shopping for your customers.



Model:        Unmanned concession

Space:         Various

Display:      Provided free of charge by Red Barn

Terms:        Various

Specific Requirements

Very interested to talke to retailers do not want concession only looking for wholesale or consignment opportunities!