Klass Collection was established in 1985 and has progressed to have over 150 stores including standalone stores and concessions throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland including sites in many garden centres.

Klass are proud to be a family owned business and feel our approach shows in everything we do. Our in-house design team strive to make the seasonal trends accessible to a wide age range of customers with a fit that gives confidence. Each garment uses specifically sourced quality fabrics and are manufactured to high quality standards. We continue to break new ground and retail over 1.5 million garments per year.

We can operate via a fully staffed concession or unmanned concession, occupying a variety of space options.


Website: www.klass.co.uk

Model:  Manned or Unmanned Concession

Space: Various

Display:  Provided free of charge by Klass

Terms: Various

Specific Requirements

Klass also have Anna Rose brand and have their own concession agreement.