Old Guys Rule

Old Guys Rule began life on the shelves of the commercial surf-wear retailers of Southern California in 2002. As a novelty, T-shirt label the brand grew quickly and became well known in the industry for its niche position, strong sell through and strong aesthetics in its artwork.

Here in the UK we have grown the brand to date in three stages.

Firstly beginning, as in the US, as a novelty T-shirt label selling into the surf/outdoor independent channel. We found a paralleled level of success with the brand as the US licensee experienced. Secondly, encouraged (and financed) by the brand’s success and recognising the gift appeal of the brand we added a full accessory package to offer including ceramics, glassware, leather products, head-wear and underwear. This furthered the gift appeal of Old Guys Rule and quickly added growth both for our company and our retail partners.

Finally, and most recently we have begun the process of migrating the brand from a giftable product range to a menswear label, with great success to date.  Moving forward we are working hard and investing to improve all current and new product ranges to appeal to as broad a section of the market as we can.  Each generation of ‘Old Guy’ has new aspects which appeal to them give us continuous opportunities as a brand.


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